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Posted on: Eylül 17, 2019, by : admin

Oscar Wilde

Up until now, there have been many people who defined life for themselves. Each of these definitions has a distinctive meaning from one another. quotes about life Oscar Wilde for instance, advised us to be ourselves rather than a copy. He emphasizes the importance of being original to nothing more than being a fake identity. Considering the fact that every person on the earth has different features to offer, we can create a difference in the world as long as by being who we are.

Mahatma Gandhi
As another example, an Indian author, Mahatma Gandhi , tells us to be the change. This quote makes me feel responsible for my behaviors. It gets me to understand how strong we can get if each of us holds the responsibility of our action for a change. inspirational quotes Who knows maybe we will not be seeking heaven in another life?

Eleanor Roosevelt
Eleanor Roosevelt is another person who makes me find out about our role in our external relations. He gets me to believe even more in that that as long as we respect to ourselves, no one will ever attempt to look down on us since a person who respects to himself will not ever let anyone be disrespectful to him. It is just us who gets ourselves below or above.

Friedrich Nietzsche
A German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche is the other person who has profound feelings for the world. He thinks life is life with music on which I agree. love quotes When we get bored of all the harsh waves of life, what else we do other than listening to music? It is our way of escaping the now-more-than-ever-robotic world. Nobody can deny that music makes people from top to toe come together.

Thomas Edison
When it comes to determination, Thomas Edison is my favorite. His determination led him to understand the way bulbs work. Whenever I feel too exhausted of doing anything and decide to let it go, Thomas Edison is the one who makes me resume from the point I left. Any time I fail, I keep reminding myself that those are not failures yet the ways that don’t work.

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